When we moved into our old house 15 years ago, we had five kids from 6-17 years old. We were blending two families. All the kids had moved, giving up familiar neighborhoods, etc. My husband joked with them about our new 'estate,' telling them that we needed to give the house a name like all great estates have. We fooled around with a few ideas. There were a LOT of rabbits there (and as a result a lot of gardening woes for me). We thought about 'HareHaven,' but my brother in law told us that it sounded like a cheap beauty salon! 'HareMoore' was what stuck.

We weren't sure what we'd call the new house, when we moved here with two new little ones--the other kids now grown and moved to their own homes. We seemed to have settled on 'Dammen Visa,' which our google translator tells us means 'pond view' in Swedish. We're of Scandinavian heritage, and we look out at ponds from both the front and the back of the house. Smile We'll see if the new name 'sticks.'

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