I decided to write letters to the Grandchildren each year. Describing our year in a nutshell.

journaling :
Dear Daniel,
I have decided to write letters to each of my gorgeous grandchildren each Christmas and this is the first of these epic letters. You are 4. You are kind and gentle and considerate. You have learned so much this year at your first year of official school in grade 000 at Crawford and I smiled reading your report that your teachers always hear you laughing out loud in the playground. Also that you are happy every monring. I love that about you. You are always thrilled to see me. Your stories are always long and colourful. Its great that we can simply chat about stuff. You like to hear my stories about your daddy. You tell me in return the stories about your week. Who did what and when. I love to tease you and be silly with you. You lol when I am being silly.

You love grandpa too and when he comes home the chitter chatter gets louder and faster. Your best is when he shows you how to do things . And you guys go off and fix stuff or build stuff and I must admit I am kind of excluded when he comes in the door. Thats ok and it makes my heart so warm that he loves you so very much.

This year we had a trip with you & Jamie to our Cape Town house and what an adventure that was. Yes it was REALLY hard work for Grandpa and I but man we did have an amazing time. Hope we can do it next year again!

You really enjoyed Father Christmas this year. What a pleasure it was to take you to visit him. You sat on his lap for 5 minutes or so and chatted about what you hoped for. It was a mish mash of cars and bikes and scooters and DVDS. I am sure you will get lots of stuff you chatted about cos he said you had been a good little boy from January til now.

Another feature of this Christmas was thatAlfredo arrived at our house for the first time and he sure has been a busy guy. The stories and photos have intrigued you. When I first explained it to you, you got so excited your veins stood out on your neck as you wanted to know ALL about him. You are amazed that he does so many different things and I send you pictures on daddys phone each day.

Dan my man, we love you with all our hearts and we know that next year we will spend many hours of fun and laughter and adventure again. So to you our eldest grandson we are proud to call you our family.

Love Granny & Grandpa

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