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It got incredibly, unbearably hot. Mary the car had no air conditioning of course, although having the windows down helped when we were moving. The camp at Delphi had a pool thank goodness and we spent a fair bit of time in it between visting the ruins. Sadly the next night we rolled up to a campground and asked “do you have a pool” and the man nodded an enthusiastic “yes” so we immediately changed into our togs and ran to the pool - which was empty. We made our way to the valley at Meteora where the monasteries perch on top of the rocky outcrops and mountaintops. There were 5 inhabited monasteries and 19 abandoned ruined ones. Despite the heat we climbed the steps to Varlaam Monstery, which had amazing frescoes in the very dark chapel. Then we headed back to the coast through Thessaloniki and Ayia Triadou where we cooled down swimming in the sea.