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The ferry to Andros landed us at the tiny port of Gavrio, which had nothing much except
one blue-domed church. Fortunately there were buses waiting to take people to the town of Andros
so we hopped on board - only to realise when a tour guide stood up and welcomed everyone that
we had actually jumped on a bus taking package tourists to their resorts. Trying not to laugh we went along
with it, putting up our hands when asked and trying to look like normal holidaymakers. When it stopped
at the first resort in a small town, we hopped off then ran around the front of the bus and up a
side street nearly falling over laughing. The tour guide didn’t see us but everyone still on the bus
did and probably thought we were habitual freeloaders. We managed to catch a genuine
public bus to Andros a few minutes later. It was a lovely little town and we had lunch
in the sun before catching the bus back to Gavrio. We had time to spare so walked over
the hills to a private cove where we swam. We were having such a relaxing time in the sun we
nearly missed the late ferry back and had to run for it.


“Look Mummy, it’s those naughty people from the bus” :-0