Isn't it amazing when you have a brother.. a friend.

Journaling: A Brother is a best friend for life. Nothing can beat having your best friend live with you everyday. Right now you share Lightning Macqueen and Buzz Lightyear. I guess that will move to tog bags and cricket bats. Later on beers and Guess jeans. And maybe a girlfriend or two. But no matter what you share, always know that you share the best bond of ever. The family tie. The inexplicable see-through link that gives you an amazing place to fall if ever you need it. A soft place. Well, mostly a soft place. Oh man I forgot you are brothers. I guess you will fight and tumble and tease each other over and over again. The Lamie punches and bruise games. I know this because I had brothers. And I was a girl. Smile Be kind to each other. Always.

credits :
Katie Pertiet - StripSentiment Stacks No4
Stamped Sentiments No. 06 Brushes and Stamps