This is a redo of a page I made last year…another title page…the best part of digital for $1.00 to reprint I can change my mind! Yesterday Katie had a new chalkboard ornament set ….it’s still 99 cents today and I decided to play…this morning she has another set its tags and it’s 99 cents too…this could get even more addicting…I really love chalkboard – I originally lifted Lynn’s quick page for the title page – I so love scrap lifting!!!!! Yesterday My Aunt Dodie delivered a table top tree .… I had one but Mamaw said no “she didn’t want one this year”… we have Dodie’s…I have to return it after Christmas….I couldn’t be happier …I decorated it with my mini ornaments …. The box of ornaments is the size of a shoe box…it was so heavy to get them out…lol … she wouldn’t let me get out more…. But I could have….Dodie brought dinner too….it was extra good too….Jack Frost has moved into the curio cabinet 2 more shelves to fill….it’s fun to do something different this year….will be watching Bob Barker on the Price is right today at 11…. Bob’s 90 today!!!!

Vinter Kit
Big Shot Album Templates
Graphed Overlays No. 01
Vinter Quick Pages
Chalkboard Christmas Ornaments Brushes and Stamps No 1
Chalkboard Wings Subtle Solids Paper Pack
font before the rain