Sat. Dec 7, 2013 I woke up to snow ...what I thought was 7 inches was only 4 inches when I got out my trusty dusty ruler and measured - the sun was coming up as I shoveled out the driveway - it was beautiful and very cold.
I’m rethinking my December Daily – I played with it this morning…. I’m not sure where I’m going but this was yesterday here in Ohio…I just looked out the window…there’s snowflakes falling…I started with Katie’s Snow Day LT…. it gave me a smile as I started to play…. it was the first thing I bought here in 2011 ….this is not a lift ….it’s just me playing…

Snow Day Layered Templates
and elements from these "snowy" templates/kits…I like it when I get to use things in my stash that I haven't used before….is it wrong to hope the snow stays away and I don't need to use them too much this winter???
Layer Works No. 256
Layer Works No. 162
Layer Works No. 21
Shimmer Flake Clusters No. 01
Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Winter Wonderland