What a brutal week in my house. Everybody has had this week, some really nasty stomach bug. Myself, getting it Wednesday afternoon. I was out of commission for almost 24 hours. As I laid on the couch late Thursday afternoon staring at a 2 ltr of ginger-ale, I asked my husband to take a picture of the bottle of pop for my December 5th page. He looked at me funny, laughed and said "your not serious, right?". Yes I was as I knew there was not going to be any picture taking or festive things going on that night. A little while later, Ben got home from school. He asked how i was feeling. I forced a big smile and said ok. He told me I didn't look ok. (Um...thanks for your honesty Ben?!?!) He ran to his school bag and back he came and shoved a pine cone in my face. "Look what i made you, it should cheer you up", and here was this cute little pine cone covered with sparkles and glitter. First self-made ornament from school. It brightened my day. To me its the little things that make the best memories
Thanks for looking Smile

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