Hi Everyone… I’ve waited for this day for a while – I love Days of December its my favorite time of the year…. I also have some news that I’m on pins and needles to share with you – I’m making a major change in my life …today – I’m going to be teaching online digital scrapbooking for beginners and I have my very own site….scrap a page a day .com (no spaces)
For those of you who don’t know me I am the world’s biggest scrap lifter and yes I will be scrap lifting some of the best ideas/techniques I can pass along…..
This is how I do Days of December… I don’t do a “daily” - Last year and I’m still working on it I started working on my “ornament album” then I do a page that goes in 1 of my other “Christmas albums” that need one more page…I have about 3 ongoing projects that all need a few more pages… it keeps me sane… some days I just need to do a “lift” The ornament album is really simple I use Lynn’s Big Shot Album as my base… and I can drop templates etc in as I go. I’m looking forward to spending December with you.
Feather Tree
September 2013 – I went to a doll show with Linda to celebrate her birthday – Linda spotted a feather tree and she took hers home that day – but there was only one….the lady who made it had 2 more in her stash she kept one and I got the last one she sold – I offered to pay to have it shipped but alas she wanted me to pick it up at the Columbus doll show – that was easy enough. Linda and I went about our shopping that day and I was very good I spent less than $5 and I kept my powder dry – not so true for the October 2013 Columbus doll show. I hope you can picture Linda and me wandering through the dealers looking for the one who had my tree – I was carrying a box of dolls to leave with her – and it was awkward – we meandered in and out and finally found “the husband” minding the store until she returned. The Columbus show is loaded with dealers on multiple levels …its like a maze of one great treasure stash after another. The feather tree is 12 ½ inches tall and of course I needed the doll house too…. It’s 2 ¼ inches tall. We saw a dealer we shopped at before and Linda added to her stash before we headed back to the car for a drop off….then we came back in – Linda found leather and fabric and then we stumbled on a “Steiff” dealer…they had a stove that Linda had wanted years ago… and its now safe and sound at her house….. another trip to the car – no such luck that there was 2 – not to worry – I found the fairy garden – the same day and a boy doll. It was a very good shopping day. I hadn’t added anything to the miniature collection for a long time – it felt good to get something new. It was a few weeks later and it was the perfect page to make for my new scrapbook site. I worked on this page for 2 weeks and then like magic it finally just worked!!!

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