December has arrived, which means our "Elf on the Shelf" has arrived too. This is the first year with the Elf. I let the younger 2 name him. Well, this shouldnt surprise me, but his name is Elfie..Guess they were not as creative as I was hoping lol. At first Ben (4 1/2) was calling him "Shelfie", Nick kept saying "no, it's Elfie". Let the arguing begin. The older kids thought to combine the name and call him "Shelfie Elfie"...UUmm...ok. Ben did not like that. Later Ben started calling him "Elfie", and told Nick that they would go with his name. sweet Ben Smile. I listened a little later to Ben talking to the Elf...saying "Since I let Nick win and get the name he wanted for you, That should mean I get extra nice point". I think I died laughing!!

thanks for looking

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