Here goes! My plan this year is no pressure, to use Layer Works templates and to use the same background solid and font. And that's about it. The rest depends on mojo and time. Wink

Thanks for looking. Smile

Holiday Trees No. 15 Brushes and Stamps
December Days Borders No. 01
December Days Layer Works No. 02
December Woods Scrapbook Kit (string)
December Woods Solids Paper Pack
Jingle Add-On Paper Pack
Jingle Scrapbook Kit
Pound # Christmas Brushes and Stamps

Font: Splendid 66
Journaling: We kicked off December by giving Lincoln his first advent calendar. Obviously the meaning behind it went over his head and all he seemed to really care about was the fact there was chocolate behind those little windows. Once the first window was open he wanted to open them all and did not understand that we only open one each day. Later on we thought he was rather quiet and found he had climbed up on the bench and was opening windows and eating the chocolates! It’s now put away out of sight! We also set up our Christmas tree today which is always our tradition for December 1st. I was so looking forward to it this year as Linc is older and I knew he would love it. But alas, too much stolen advent calendar chocolate made for a hyped up toddler and he just threw the baubles around the room. Ha! We took a break while he had a nap and tried to continue decorating when he woke up, but he lost interest after about 5 minutes. But in those 5 minutes that he was interested, his face just lit up with such wonder and joy.