Greetings, DD'ers and Happy 1st of December! I see tons of gorgeous December Daily layouts in the gallery already! Me, I'm still thinking about Thanksgiving and will be enjoying one more turkey sandwich today as we put away the last of the pumpkins and start putting up the Christmas decorations. Before I get too involved in all things December I thought I'd post a Thanksgiving page, a page that documents a conversation I had with my sisters regarding the Thanksgiving meal. Because of my bil's recent heart problems (understatement--two heart attacks in less than 10 days!) back in late October, I suggested we should consider heart-healthy food alternatives this year. OMG you would have thought I'd uttered the worst kind of blasphemy! In all fairness my sister and bil did consult with his physician and they were told that for a traditional holiday meal, portion control is a perfectly acceptable way to control calorie, fat and sugar intake. Thank heavens for that, 'cause if it really had been a choice between the traditional meal and taking care of my bil's health, let's just say things would not have gone in his favor! Smile Sheesh!

This page started off as an entry for Anke's recent Artsy Challenge, the one where we were supposed to use lots of white space. Didn't quite make that goal but at least there are some bare spots on the page! Smile

Oh, and in re-reading the journaling, I was reminded that one of my very first pages here at DD recounts a story about Frosted Pumpkin Drops (also mentioned on this page), cookies for which my family would cheerfully and without hesitation disown me if they were not part of the Thanksgiving dessert platter. (Tough, tough crowd!) That page is part of a two-page spread and can be found here, if you'd like to read it...ah, memories!

Journaling on this page reads:
An Absolutely Positively Real-Life True Conversation in Which Health Loses Out to Tradition

or: What Happens When Consideration for a Heart Problem Threatens to Get in the Way of Thanksgiving Dinner...

"Because of Wayne's recent heart problems, I want to make a heart-healthy Thanksgiving meal this year." said I to my sisters a few days before the big feast.

Their words positively tumbled over each other in their haste to reply...

"Now don't go getting all crazy!" (This from his wife!)
"You can't mess with tradition!"
"We have to have the traditional turkey with stuffing!"
"The one with the Grand Mainer!"
"And the orange and butter basting sauce!"
"And we have to have the cinnamon-walnut cranberry sauce! The one with all the sugar!"
"And we have to have the traditional desserts!"
"What is Thanksgiving dinner without garlic mashed potatoes?"
"About 300 calories lighter!" I said, but in vain; they did not hear me as they continued to list what we must have on the table.
"What about the Amaretto pie!"
"What about the bourbon and brown sugar sweet potatoes!"
"What about the pecan pie?"
"OMG what about the frosted pumpkin drops! You have to make those!"
"What about Wayne?!?" I tried again. "He's your husband!"

(sound of crickets chirping)

"Okay, yes, I am fond of him, but let's not be too hasty!"

"Seriously?!? You're 'fond' of him! Sheesh!" I exclaimed! "Okay, new plan..."

"Maybe we'll try portion control instead!"

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