Loved going through Pam's gallery, so many choices and inspiration. Lifted this page of Pam's, which is actually a lift of Jennelle...this is the resulting chain lift...

Phantom, the male and younger of my two cats, is very gregarious. He is always in the same room as any activity....and don't try shutting him out, he will sit at the door and wail. Anyhoo, today, I was trying to make our wreath for the front door and he insisted on sitting in the centre of it! Good thing that he is cute!

KPertiet-Maybe tomorrow kit, doily edgers no 1, messed up photo blocks no 9, star filled confetti no 1, watery arrows no 1, Classic embossed chevrons sea

LGrieveson-Joyeux kit

PKnox-Pin it on tinsel alpha-retired