Journaling - “Kyle’s turn” is a phrase we hear a lot these days. It’s what Kyle says when he wants to do something himself. Sometimes it is fine and we let him do what he wants, but sometimes “Kyle’s turn” is not a task that he is able to do or it is not safe for him and it can turn quickly into a tantrum. We are happy that he can express himself better and tell us what he wants, but there is also more frustration for him. Possibly he is thinking, OK I told you what I want and you understand so why am I not getting my way. Or maybe he is just a typical toddler! On this morning I had started to make pancake batter and he wanted to help. So he ran over to me, reaching up repeating “Kyle’s turn” again and again until I let him. He had a fun time mixing up the batter, until I had to use some to actually cook the pancakes and then he got a little upset. On Halloween night I offered to take his trick-or-treat bucket (as it was getting heavy) but he pushed me away saying “Kyle’s turn.” He finally agreed when I told him I would give it back to him at the next house to collect more candy. It is “Kyle’s turn” when we are using the remote to turn on a video for him, it is “Kyle’s turn” when it is time to push the buttons and slide the credit card in a store check-out, it is “Kyle’s turn” when he sees Daddy is using the electric razor, and it is “Kyle’s turn” when Daddy and Brandon are using the chain saw. Obviously, he doesn’t always get “Kyle’s turn.”

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The border paper is from a "Just Linens" pack, just don't know which one.

Katie Pertiet -
Hinge Pack
Charmed No. 01
Jewelry Tag Alphabet
Corkboard Hearts No. 01
Autumnal Artistry Paper Pack
Halloween Magic Element Pack (alpha)
Clean Stitched Borders: White No. 01
Classic Cardstock: Be Mine

Lynn Grieveson -
Scrap Express No. 25

Cathy Zielske -
Seaside Patterns Paper Pack

Fonts - Century Gothic and Myriad Pro