Katie has a new kit coming out that is SO CUTE!
It's like Katie knew about my story about Camryn's Santa gift last year!!! The colors are perfect too!

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Katie Pertiet
Jingle Kit **COMING SOON**
Jingle Journalers **COMING SOON**
Jingle Add On Papers ***COMING SOON**
Jingle Flairs **COMING SOON**
Silver Glitter Splatters No1 **COMING SOON**
Day Out Solids Paper Pack
Foam Alphabet: Blue No. 02
Forever December Brushes and Stamps
Light Strings No. 02: Multicolored
Sweet Rose Bay Element Pack
Sweet St. Nicholas Element Pack

Studio DD
Any Day Dec Borders Bonus **COMING SOON**
Layerworks No367

Ali Edwards
Thanksgiving words (modified)

When we went to see Santa you always said you wanted a "blue stuffed puppy".
I really didn't think anything of it. Maybe you wouldn't remember on Christmas
morning? Kyra never did. She always loved what Santa brought. So "Santa" came
and when you were about to come in to see what Santa brought you said so excitedly
how you were so excited to see the Blue Stuffed Puppy that Santa brought. Well,
I knew for a fact there wasn't one. I had you wait while I went upstairs for
something. I asked Grandma Missy what I was going to do? She looked at me and
said to come with her. She had a few gifts tucked away for all those grandkids
her friends were having. She happened to have a Blue Stuffed Puppy. When
you saw it by your stocking you were so excited! You held it all day and
sleep with it every night. You are such a sweetheart!

It's not like blue is her favorite color or talked about a "blue stuffed puppy" with me or with anyone other than Santa. She was so excited Christmas morning to see the blue stuffed puppy it was crazy! We have it on video because it was so cute how she was looking for it and finally saw it and said, "I love you, I love you, I love you!" Hugged it all morning. It still has no name... just "blue stuffed puppy".

Thanks for looking!