Two more pages for my new Christmas Card Book . . . these are from 1969; the year when my husband was in Vietnam. We lived with my Aunt Velma in her big old house in my hometown. Other than the fact that E. was overseas the year was wonderful. Our then one-year-old son, my parents and two aunts were such a blessing. I know that friends were particularly kind to us that year because I was expecting our second baby and an absent daddy gave us so much distraction that things were much easier than I would have ever thought. Christmas that year was and still is vividly planted in my mind! I have two more pages to add to 1969 . . . just need to dig deeper into old photos and letters to snag what I need!

Journaling: This Christmas Michael and Mommy are living with Aunt Velma on Douglas Street . . . Daddy is in Cu Chi Vietnam and really misses us . . . just like we miss him. We have so many blessings this year . . . Daddy is safe today . . . HaHee, Papa Pat, Aunt Lucille and Aunt Velma come to see us every day and most days, we walk to see them too. The weather is pretty nice this December. The temperature has been pretty good most of the time . . . a few days it was nearly 60 and Michael could play outside in the big pen which Papa Pat built for him . . . one day we had 6 inches of snow and went outside to build a little snowman with Michael. We were able to walk to town for a visit with Aunt Velma and have a treat at the Boyd Drug Store with her and then walk on up to the old Library for a little visit with HaHee. Some days Papa Pat or Aunt Lucille would come to Aunt Velma’s house for lunch. We helped put up Aunt Velma’s Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving this year . . . we strung popcorn and hung it all over the tree. Michael would pull the strings out and take a nibble from time to time . . . we have a movie of this to laugh at! On Sunday evenings we drove down to Jo Haile’s house for more popcorn before Aunt Velma, HaHee, Charlene & Jo began their weekly bridge game. On Christmas Day we all went to the Hailes after we opened out gifts to see what Santa brought them and enjoy their tree with them. We had a big Christmas lunch at Aunt Velma’s house . . . Aunt Lucille, HaHee, Papa Pat, Mommy & Michael all enjoyed this so much. Before Christmas Michael helped make sugar cookies using some of the old cookie cutters that had been used for many, many Christmas cookies in years gone by. Some were frosted sugar cookies and some were fragrant gingerbread cookies. When Michael would have a cookie you were often sitting in your high chair . . . before the first bite, he would “pin it” and try to make it spin on the tray . . . then bite in and get frosting all over his little face. You can see from the photographs of Christmas that Mommy gave Michael a really bad haircut this time! We went to church to see the Christmas Nativity, which was produced by Miss Dollie. Michael was particularly interested in the three wise men with their golden crowns this year! The costumes came from the costume closet at Camp Monterey! Mommy made white corduroy overalls with a partridge in the pair tree for Michael’s Christmas outfit this year. She copied them from a New York Times Lord & Taylor advertisement in the Sunday paper, which Jo Haile tore out and gave to her. Jo loved children’s clothes just as much as I did and always tore out things from her catalogues for me to copy!

Credits for 1969 pages 01-02:
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Life Basics No. 01 Template Set – Cathy Zielske
Life In Pictures Album (frame & scribbles taken from this template)– Lynn Grieveson
Painted Words Brushes and Stamps – Ali Edwards
Vintage Blendables: Christmas No. 01 – Katie Pertiet
Worn Photo Edges No. 05: Hazy Days – Lynn Grieveson