Every cat I have owned has held a special place in my heart. After we lost Maggie almost three years ago, I thought I could never have another cat. But now we have Scout and Becky and Becky has become my cat and I am her person. She is shy, very timid and rarely lets me pet her downstairs because the dog is always around. But upstairs, she follows me everywhere and watches me very carefully to see if I will stop and pet her. And when I do, she purrs and purrs and rolls over so I can pet her tummy. She is so content and so happy when she feels safe and alone with me upstairs. And she absolutely melts my heart. She is such an elegant lady cat but then she has the funniest position she stretches out in that cracks me up. She puts her hind legs out behind her and stretches her front legs out all the way in front of her and just watches me. I love you, freckle-cat, and thank you for coming into my heart.