My littel Makenzie is getting so sweet. It excites me to think that one day we will share so much!

Makenzie at almost 18 months you are sweet. You are confident. You are loud and simple. When you cry it is almost without warning. And you are inconsolable. Its a sob from the bottom of your soul.You laugh from your belly and you have a great sense of humour. You like to be teased and you tease back easily. What a treat it is to have pink and fluff in the house. I love it that I have a grand daughter. A relationship I know that will grow from year to year. You can come to me to learn how to bake cakes. And how to scrapbook. And how to take photographs. And how to write stories. And we can sing together and even dance a bit. We could go to gym or ride a bike. We can even go and have a manicure. But please don’t ask me to teach you how to knit. Get it ?


Faringdon Element Pack
Candy Christmas Kit
Fancy Gratitude No. 01 Brushes and Stamps