This was one of my favorite photos from my recent trip. I love photographing interesting people.

Thank you to Agnieszka and Linda for the inspiration and challenge.

I saw him from a block away, shuffling along, barely able to propel himself forward. He was all dressed up in a spotless white shirt, tie, Sunday suit and hat.I couldn’t imagine how long it must have taken him to get dressed, given his limited mobility. As he moved along the outside of the market stalls, I knew I wanted to take his picture. I hurried through the market to meet him as he passed by the opening. As he approached, I told him that I was taking photos of people of Charleston and asked if I could include his photo. He studied me carefully, then answered. “Will you buy me something to eat?” I caught my breath for a moment, then handed him a bill. He pulled up proudly and posed for me. Later I discovered that it was his birthday. Oh, how I wished I had been more generous.

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