I have been in a total loss of mojo mood for the past couple of weeks . . . so to rattle my bones out of it, I thought that I would begin yet another Christmas book project! This year when we send out our Christmas cards it will the 48th card we have sent since our wedding in 1966. For years, I have been meaning to make a book for each of our children containing each of our cards . . . so here is one of them . . . a start isn’t it Mr. Mojo? I’m starting this book fully aware that I’ve several other Christmas book yet unfinished . . . but, plugging along at each of them when the mood strikes me! This 1968 card was the 3rd one we sent to friends and family . . . the second while we were living in Germany. I am doing some digging to find a few Christmas photographs to go along with cards one and two . . . I have the greeting cards, but the photos must be in our trunk load of slides!! I am probably going to make this book where it can have pages added as the years roll on and Christmas cards are added one by one.

Journaling: A tiny tree decorated with just a few decorations sits in the slanting light shining through the large window on Christmas morning and a new baby exploring his first Christmas is a picture that we will never forget. There was wrapping paper and ribbons strewn across the parquet floor. Oh my goodness . . . what a wonderful Christmas we had this year! The first Christmas with our first child! We were living in Darmstadt in the pretty old World War II German officers quarters in Lincoln Siedlung at Cambrai Fritsch Kaserne there. Our apartment was one of two on the second floor of the three story building . . . the Seibel’s lived across the hall until Dave went to Vietnam a few months earlier in 1968. The twinkle of the tiny white lights and the pretty German ornaments we had bought really brought the season home to us. We were in the perfect place to find a beautiful tree and wonderful decorations . . . we added a box of red glass Christmas balls and a beautiful golden angel, which was a gift from Aunt Lucille for the top of our tree. Michael was exactly five months old this Christmas and enjoyed the wrapping papers much more than the gifts or the tree. We ate Christmas dinner at the mess hall with the soldiers there and opened out gifts. Michael got a musical ball and a rubber Santa Claus and a high chair. He had just begun to scoot a little bit so we put him on the low flat box but couldn’t figure out just how to get back down and would scoot to the edge and look to us for help! Our stockings were hung from the television with care in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there! Alas, no mantle so our little $25.00 portable bought from Francis & Ed Hooper became a substitute for the stockings which Aunt Velma made for us!

Credits for pages 01-02:
Annino Solids Paper Pack (lightened) – Maplebrook Studios
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Life In Pictures Album (frames & scribbles taken from this template)– Lynn Grieveson
Painted Christmas Words Brushes And Stamps – Ali Edwards
Vintage Blendables: Christmas No. 01 – Katie Pertiet
Worn Photo Edges No. 05: Hazy Days – Lynn Grieveson