Generally when the topic of gratitude comes up I begin looking at the bigger things - Family, Freedom, Health, and the list could go on. However, several years ago I attended a women’s retreat and one of the speakers spoke about “the dailys”. I don’t remember her name but some of her thoughts have stayed with me through the years. Another time I was reading a book on prayer and there was an example given about a child thanking God for the backyard fence. Some times “the dailys” seem small and insignificant - my morning coffee quickly brewed in my Keurig, hot showers, my cellphone, scented candles, my Bible, the quilt Grandma McCarty gave me as a wedding gift, my comfy sweatpants and shirt, Saturday mornings, sunrise, and the list can to on and on. I’m thankful for the little things that are a part of my day, make up the pieces in my memory bank and help me see the beauty around me - they make up my life.
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