Remembering my grandmother.

It’s amazing how one small event will bring a flood of
memories to the fore. When I was a little girl, I remember my
Grandmother eagerly looking forward to the American Legion
Convention in Chicago each summer. It was the highlight of her
year—a time to have fun with her girlfriends. She would shop for
special outfits to wear and plan what to pack for weeks before.
She would talk of the exciting restaurants they would visit. I
especially remember that she would bring a special girly treat
home for my sister, my cousin and me. Once it was a pearl
evening purse, once a rhinestone bracelet and once a gold
and jeweled compact All of these memories came flooding back
to me recently as I planned for all the fun of my trip to the
Designer Digitals meet-up in Clearwater. Suddenly I knew how
my Grandmother felt all those years ago! Such exciting
anticipation! I was looking forward to rollicking times
with my scrapbooking friends! I was planning what I
would wear for each event. I was thinking about the
special meals we would have! I even brought back
special girly gifts—glittered lipgloss—for my own special
little granddaughters. What fun it was for me to see
the way I had come full circle and to experience the
connection of the generations. I wonder if my own
granddaughters will some day eagerly await a
special get together with their girlfriends!

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