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FONT: Century Gothic, KG Primary Penmanship
JOURNALING: The weeks are flying by way too fast! There were lots and lots of tantrums from Lincoln and Bandit this week. I am trying to appreciate the lessons in patience I must be getting taught. I tried a new recipe - grilled fish with a mango/pineapple chilli salsa. I modified it a bit, but my gosh it was good! We had it two nights in a row! Thursday was our family date night and we tried to find Nana M a birthday present without much luck. Friday the 6m3 skip bin I ordered arrived and we were excited about having a big clean up on the weekend! We were all a bit lazy on Saturday morning as Bandit woke Mum and Dad up at 3:30 and then Lincoln at 4:30. We headed out for a cold drink and some groceries and then we all had big a nap in the afternoon. Once we were up Dad started filling the skip bin while Mum kept Lincoln and Bandit occupied. Sunday we went out for coffee/milkshakes, did a little shopping and more time filling that bin up!

“Mumma” - 10 Nov: Lincoln’s very first word was “Mumma” but he has refused to say it to me for well over a year now. He’ll say it when he’s with other people or when he’s hurt or upset but never in everyday context. It’s all “Daddy” as far as he is concerned. Sunday night though, “Mumma” came back into his vocab. I was over the moon! It started with “Thanks Mumma” when I let him have his iPad and soon it became a game. I don’t know if he will ever know how much he made my heart swell that day. And even more so when he ended the day with “I love you.”

TIME OUT - Mum’s Rules: If you throw things at me when you can’t get your own way, expect a time out!

10 NOV - I found these cute ornaments at Target and picked them up for Miss Poppy. Love that I am seeing owls everywhere!