Couldn't let the day pass without documenting!

Journaling: I will admit it: I am a total freak for dates. I like dates. I remember dates. I notice dates. For instance, next week on the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination, November 22 falls on a Friday, the same day as the original event.

So on November 12, 2013 -- 11.12.13 -- I decided to take photos of my day to mark the occasion. It was just an ordinary day, a Tuesday. I change our bed on Tuesdays, so I washed sheets and towels and hung them on the line to dry. I made coffee in my beloved Keurig to drink while I had my devotional. Don had a dentist appointment; after he got home, I took a shower and blew my hair dry beofre we went to Shannon’s for lunch. In Shannon’s parking lot, there was a gorgeous restored vintage Cadillac. Considering the number of times we visit Shannon’s in a week, it’s sort of our home away from home -- just everyday cooking and nice Mr. Shannon behind the counter. He collects memorabilia and pennants from sports teams, including my fav, the FSU Seminoles, even though I think he roots for the Gators. On this particular day, I had the cafe burger and fries -- yum! Before we headed home, we stopped at Target so I could pick up some prescriptions they’d filled for me. Later that afternoon, we went for a walk in the park not far from the house. I really should make an effort to walk every day. That evening, I played with the instaweather app I’d downloaded after seeing Carol’s cool posts on FB.

Pogo called it Jack-Queen-King day if you count the jack as 11, the queen as 12, and the king as 13, so I had to dig out the face cards to get the shot. We’ll have one more of these sequential dates next year in December: 12.13.14, but I won’t be here when they start over in 2100. Sort of sobering.

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