I was panicking slightly, since I had absolutely no inspiration whatsoever for my Christmas Card this year...
And then these card templates came out the other day!!! Thank You, Janet!!! You saved my sanity!
I print my cards square, so I had to change it ever so slightly. Mostly just adding a couple of things to balance it.

BTW - We don't have any kids and every year friends and family send us tons of Xmas cards with their cute kids.
Very much appreciated! Love getting those! But as a counter action, I started making cards with me and my husband to send out, and now everybody is expecting this...
My BFF's mother has even started collecting my cards in a separate album... Wink

"Christmas Greetings no12" by StudioDD
"Textured Cardstock - Cape" and "Winter Peony" (snowflakes) by Katie Pertiet