behind the iron curtain and hungry ... not one of my finest moments ;-)

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We had to drive through Yugoslavia to get down to Greece, and XXX would have wanted to anyway since his family was descended from Croatian immigrants to NZ. But I knew it would be hard from the first day at the beachside campground when we decided to have a rest day and just walked into the nearby town to the market. The only fruit or vegetables on offer were spring onions and a handful of blackened, shrivelled carrots and there was little meat or anything else to be found. And that was the way it was. One day there might be stall after stall of cherries (see me eating them on the walls of Dubrovnik on the next page!) and on another day nothing but onions. The first day on the road in Yugoslavia we drove through Zadar and Sibenek, where we found fossils on the beach. The next day we went to Split, with its ancient palace and touristy market. XXX bought a hat and I made him wear it for a photo when we visited his ancestral village of Podgara. It was full of men who looked so like him they could have been his brothers . From there we drove to Dubrovnik where we stopped for the night at a deserted campground. We hadn’t been able to find fresh food for days and were running short of supplies. With my blood sugar in my boots I found myself waving a peeling knife at XXX when he suggested we would just have to make do with the last can of cold soybeans. Desperate measures were clearly called for. We drove around town looking for anywhere selling food, and when a bus passed us I remembered the guidebook saying it was the bus to catch to another campground that had a restaurant. We followed the bus there and had a huge meal. That was clearly where all the food was - in the tourist restaurants. Dubrovnik the next day was amazing, and it was starting to feel almost summery. This was before it was bombed in the Serbo-Croatian war. We walked along the ancient walls (eating those cherries!) and took a cable car to the mountain above.