Such a fun template challenge up on the blog! Thanks, Sharon!

The story is this...

There are some events in life that just knock you sideways, and I must say this one ranks right up there with the best of them for me. I'd never known him without his beard, so with a few strokes of a razor the man I'd known for decades suddenly looked like a stranger!

In case anyone decides to scour the store for it--'cause who wouldn't want this--there is no "Yowza!" word art (see label above right photo). An oversight that I'm sure will be corrected soon by our awesome DD designers! Wink I started with the label that came with the template and added my own word.

Oh, and I mention in the journaling that I've known Mr. Squeak for about 35 years. We met when we were children, of course... Smile

Journaling reads:
"You've had your beard for as long as I have known you, going on 35 years now. One day, out of the clear blue sky, you decided to shave it off and trim your hair all the way down to your scalp. I'm not sure there is anything you could have said that would have prepared me for how very different you'd look without facial hair! For months afterwards whenever we'd get ready for bed I felt like I was cheating on my husband!"

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