we don't do halloween here. yet.

I used to be really against it for it has no historical roots in my parts of the world whatsoever as opposed to the english speaking one. it surfaced a couple of years ago only because of private television. and it's just been big business...

but I've changed my mind a bit. it's unstoppable. the kids love it. and so will mine. and, what the heck, summer has been over way too long, christmas is still two more months away ... why not find a reason to have a fun party/action in that grey season ;-)

we only made the jack o'lanterns this year. and since little p. is not at all into monsters or any other scary creatures, we stuck to the kitty cat version a friend of mine had posted just a few hours before. DH did a great job, don't you think? (I was in charge for the low-key smiley one. hehe).

and I finally did have a chance to use the freebie kit I downloaded ages ago from TLP called "the witching hour".

+ layer works 238 and katie pertiet

thanks for looking (and reading ;-)