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Black, White and Pink Kit (tape)
Black, White and Turquoise Kit (flair)
Doodled Block Alphabet No. 03
Enchanted Easter Kit (journaler)
Hey Missy Add-On Paper Pack
Hey Missy Printable Journalers
Minted Christmas Scrapbooking Kit (disc)
Pocket Cards: 2013 Calendar Cards No. 01
Pocket Cards: Splits Layered Templates No. 01
Pocket Pages Layered Templates No. 15
Tidewater Journal Cards
Vintage Photo Frames No. 32
April Journal Cards
Taffy Mini-Kit
Hand Drawn Numbers 32-52 Brushes and Stamps
Pound # Everyday Life Brushes and Stamps
Toothy No. 02 Paper Pack

FONT: Century Gothic, Bebas, KG Primary Penmanship
Journaling: Christmas Outfits: Target had some really cute baby Christmas outfits and I just could not help myself. I was originally only going to buy one for Christmas Day, but then went back and got another for Christmas Eve. They are perfect for what will no doubt be another hot Christmas this year!
I never did hear back from the woman who was going to make the cot quilt. But i saw this on sale at target and snapped it up. I just love that cute owl! On the reverse it is pink with white clouds. Love it!
WHERE’S THE BABY? Lincoln has a flip book where you have to find the baby. It is his favourite book at the moment and within one day, he had learned to say a new sentence - “Where’s the baby?” He ‘reads’ his book and says that on every page and then when he finds the baby he then goes “Oh!!! Baby!!” It is so stinkin’ cute. Now when I ask him about the baby in Mummy’s tummy, he touches my belly and goes “Oh!!! Baby!!” It makes my heart melt every time!
Documented: A good week and a stressful week all rolled into one! All life and all good! The right decisions are not always the easiest to make! I saw the chiropractor on Tuesday night and everything was all out of whack again. I could have told her that as I was in agony Monday night. Dylan got all scraped up again at touch footy on Wednesday night. He’s covered in scratches and what not. Thursday we had a family date night and did a little baby shopping. I picked up a couple of cute outfits for little Miss and Linc was excited to see a new matchbox car! Saturday morning we tried in vain to give the dog a bath. Within 2 minutes he was covered in dirt and mud again. Don’t even start me on the chaos that followed when we tried to clip his nails! It was quite warm so we waited for the afternoon and then headed to Xxxxxx Beach for a walk. Linc and Dylan ran along the sand while I shuffled slowly behind them. Sunday was a Daddy/Son day while I went baby shopping with Mum and Step Daddy. We have everything we need now and I so like that I am prepared!