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After Venice we drove through Trieste to a campground by the sea at Grado, near Montfalcone. We spent a restful afternoon walking on the beach and reading in the sun. Which was a lot less stressful than the next day, when we crossed the border into Yugoslavia. At first it seemed we weren’t to be allowed to leave Italy. As we drove through Montfalcone looking for a carpark I noticed a middle-aged man in the car alongside us at the lights ogling me then turning to laugh with someone else in the car. As we parked the car I remarked to xxx how I was sick of this sort of thing. Just then there was a knock on the car window and a young man flashed an ID at us and demanded we get out the car and show us our passports. Then I noticed that standing to the side was the middle-aged man who had been staring at me. The group of plain-clothed cops proceeded to search the car and all our belongings . Then they brought in a drug dog to search the car and us, though of course he was totally disinterested and they had to let us go - suddenly trying to be friendly and talking about the All Blacks. We did not reciprocate the friendliness and got out of Montfalcone as fast as possible - only to hit a three hour traffic jam of trucks at the border.

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