The outskirts of Venice are unexpectedly and depressingly industrial, and the campground was right by the shipping lane of the lagoon. The first time a HUGE cargo ship sailed by the campground I went running toward it excitedly - to the amusement of the sailors on board who began waving wildly and laughing. The next morning we caught a boat into the city centre along with 20 Japanese and 20 kiwis (from the two tour buses using the campground). It was a beautiful sunny day and Venice was just as I imagined - all decaying palaces lining the canals, flirting gondaliers and bridges everywhere you looked. The palette was green water, ochre buildings and blue skies. The bottom floors of the villas were abandoned and rotting due to the rising water levels. We stopped to do some sketching, visited the British consulate in one of the mansions (to ask about the current Yugoslavian situation) then wandered about until we ended up in the crumbling backstreets (and “back canals”) and a Venetian housing estate. (ps bottom left pic is from a postcard)

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