Greetings, DD'ers and Happy Saturday! This is one of my long, rambling tales, so if you're planning on reading the whole thing you might want to go get a cup of coffee first! Smile

It's been a wild past several days. I received notice that I was one of the winners of the Oct. Guest CT contest last week. (Yay! Over-the-moon happy!), and promptly came down with a case of scrapper's block. (Boo! Very sad!) Then I got a phone call from my sister telling me that her husband, my b-i-l, is in the hospital with what turned out to be a heart attack, his second in two weeks, with the first one occurring during the last week of October. The treatment after the first one was supposed to be the end of it for another 10 years, so we were all terrified when he suffered another attack. And just like that , my scrapper's block was gone, or at least of no consequence. Nothing like a bit of harsh reality to put everything else into perspective, yes? I've spent quite a bit of time at the hospital the past couple of weeks, and those of you who have also done so know that hospital emergency rooms are by turns frightening and boring. What are some things one can do while waiting and waiting and waiting? Why, one can digi scrap, of course!

The page story is this...

My b-i-l was finally in recovery after having a heart procedure, and my sister had at last decided to go home to get some much-needed sleep, so I was keeping my b-i-l company. We don't often talk just the two of us, since we mainly see each other at family gatherings, so our conversation was a rare treat. To know him and to know my sister is to wonder how they ever, ever got together and how they ever, ever managed to make it all work. He is a quiet, introspective man, eminently practical and grounded, very different from the boys she dated in high school and college. She is carefree, almost-but-not-quite to the point of recklessness; the phrase "force of nature" is not large enough to encompass her. (Love you, Sis! Mean it! ) It was during our conversation that I was made privy to some insight about their relationship, and for me it was an "Ah!" moment. What else to do but to record it?

Journaling reads:
" 'She's FUN! I want to spend time with HER!'

So said my brother-in-law as he lay flat on his back, in the hospital after his most recent heart procedure.

To begin at the beginning, the story is this...

L and W, W and L. If ever two people are complete and utter polar opposites, it is W and L. If ever two people are unquestionably meant to be together, it is W and L. But how did this ever, ever come about?!? I think I finally know! With his quiet demeanor and thoughtful bearing, he grounds her. With her carefree, force-of-nature attitude, she taught him to fly. They seemed invincible until the brutal truth of his heart disease surfaced again after years of dormancy. Two heart attacks in two weeks! The transplanted vessels from his 18-year-old bypass were failing, and his doctors were at a loss to explain why his body was rejecting the new stents.

Happily, he is better now, but for a time we thought their love affair would be ending. In those dark days it seemed important to document everything that was occurring, and so here we are, an "Ah!" moment for me, a simple conversation that revealed why a carefully measured man would fall so completely for an unpredictable dynamo.

I visited him while he was in the hospital, and we talked of many things--work and life, love and death. When speaking of work, he recalled how he used to be like so many other people in the tech field, people who get up, go to work, come home and then get up the next morning to do it all over again to do it all over again to do it all over again...

Then he met my sister.

"...and you know what?" he said. "She's FUN! I realized I didn't want to work all the time! I want to spend time with HER!"

And there it is. Meeting my sister profoundly changed this man's life! Changed it for the better, changed it in a way that even now, years later, he still speaks of her with such joy and delight, as though he was awakening again to a whole new world of possibilities, one that involved traveling through life with a whirlwind at his side.

And perhaps he really was awakening again, perhaps he really was seeing her again for the very first time.

How will their story end? I cannot know, but for now we all rejoice that it continues..."

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