Inspired to lift Debbie's beautiful "Mismatched" page. Yup, I admit it, I wear socks and my defense, I have bad feet. Bunion repairs and stretchy commercial socks have caused my long second toe to hammer and enclosed shoes can be painful. Isabel knits socks while she studies, and I have reaped the benefits!

KPertiet-Classic Cardstock-Autumn Ice, Splatters No 3, Twisted dots no 1, inked banners no 1, bead scatterings no 4, Autumnal artistry kit, Yarn swirls no 3-neutrals, ticketed thoughts, pebbled thoughts-daily, Arlesey Kit, Classic stacked frames no 2, In stitches no 1-hearts, Candid kit

Studio DD-Helping hands charity kit, alpha by Pattie Knox