So, I'm minding my own business one recent evening, still at work, head down over my lab bench as usual, when I had occasion to look up and out the window. The window in the room where I work faces west, so I am often treated to beautiful sunsets, but on this particular evening the sky was positively ablaze with color, so much so that it literally took my breath away. When I started breathing again I remembered to grab my camera and get a photo. Although the skies were indeed lovely, the photo also included the jarring presence of the building right next to the one in which I work. Ugh! What to do, what to do? Well, this page is what I did! Smile Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday, and some of my favorite Halloween art is that of prints or posters of children all dressed up in their Halloween costumes, heading out at sunset for a night of trick or treating. A bit of tinkering using Photoshop and the offending building was magically gone, replaced by some classic icons of Halloween (hey, I'm sure in some cultures a mouse figures prominently in their Halloween celebrations! Smile )

I know not everyone celebrates Halloween, and not everyone that celebrate Halloween does it quite the way we do it here in the States, but Happy Halloween, DD! Don't let the ghosties and ghoulies get you tonight!

Katie Pertiet
Ghoulish Ghosts Brushes and Stamps
Googly Eyes No. 01
Grassy Edgers Brushes and Stamps
Grassy Edgers No. 02
Haunted Twists No. 01
Haunted Woodlands Kit
Which Witch Brushes and Stamps
Mousing Around

Silhouettes of Costumed Children: ClipArtOf

Font: Burton's Nightmare

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