There are some amazing new products coming... and I have 2 unfinished December albums. Wink

Thanks for looking. Smile

December Days Layer Works No. 01
Minted Christmas Solids Paper Pack
Minted Christmas Add-On Paper Pack
Minted Christmas Scrapbooking Kit (this collection is gorgeous!!)
Minted Christmas: Flairs
Plastic Slimline Serif Alphabets No. 01
Little Enamel Arrows No. 01: Glittered

Font: Pea Devon, Bebas
Journaling: One of Mummy’s favourite traditions is to set the Christmas tree up on December 1st. Not a day before and not a day late! As this was your first Christmas we decided to give you your very own tree. It is actually the very first tree your Mummy and Daddy ever had. We lived in a tiny little flat and did not have room for a big tree. This tiny little tree holds a special place in our hearts. As do you, my Son! It seemed only right to pass it along to you. You watched so intently while Mummy and Daddy set it up and could not wait to be picked up so you could get a closer look at it. Of course, the first thing you did was pull a bauble off! I am sure it is just the first of many over the years, beautiful boy!