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Elements and snow paper from December kit (coming later)

I was looking forward to Switzerland with images of high peaks and alpine meadows in mind. But for days the cloud did not lift and all we could see was mist. We stopped in Bern and checked out the Klees in the Kunstmuseum, then drove through Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen (a valley under Jungfrau famed for its many waterfalls). We splashed out on a cabin instead of sleeping in the car, and the next morning we walked through the snow to the Trummelbach falls inside the mountain - but they were closed because of too much snow. So all we got was wet feet which then turned painfully cold until we managed to find a shop selling warm socks on the drive to the Sustenpass alpine pass. We wondered why all the locals gathered outside the churches turned to stare as we drove past. We soon discovered (when we came up against a wall of snow) that it was because the pass was closed for another month . We had to do the “drive of shame” back down the mountain then take the St Gotthard tunnel under the alps. (The third longest tunnel in the world and pretty freaky to drive though - and later the scene of a disastrous 2001 crash and fire)