I was going through some photos I haven’t scrapped yet and came across a shot of a hybrid project I did at Christmas. We have two sets of cousins quite a lot younger than our kids ( my twin and I both have late teenagers and early twenty-year olds ) The young cousins who are aged between 8-12 dote on their older cousins but don’t get to spend a lot of time with them so for Christmas my sister and I put together a coupon book of fun events – movie night, swimming in the pool, going bowling, baking, crafting etc and the two groups of cousins came and spend two days, separately with our kids doing all the fun stuff from their book. We scheduled it in the first couple of weeks in January before school went back and their parents were delighted to have a night on their own. I made the books and lanyards for each kid (which they had to wear on the first morning of camp) using DD supplies and clipart from the internet. I bound them at work with those plastic combs. The events were HUGELY successful/popular and we are racking our brains for what to do for Cousin’s camp again this next Christmas.