I loved the purple and lime combination but did not have any pics to go with it. So convert to b&w I did! Smile

I know, I know - another pregnancy page. LOL! But lately it's like the nesting instinct has taken over my scrapbooking mojo and I have a sudden need to get every little thing documented. I don't think I've scrapped so quickly in all my life! I'm sure that will change once she is born. Wink

Thanks for looking. Smile

Black, White and Lime Kit
Black, White and Plum Kit
Banner Safety Tags No. 02
Cut Ups: Springtime
Edge Sentiments Brushes and Stamps Vol. 01
Layer Works No. 180
Manchester Kit (ribbon)
Tidewater Journal Cards
Times Of Your Life Hand Drawn Brushes

Font: Splendid 66, Bebas
Journaling: A big baby week for us! We saw the obstetrician this week and my c-section was booked in. She will be born on Dec.17th! Unless she gets impatient and decides to come early! They also confirmed I now have SPD as well. It’s as painful as the sacroiliac joint problems I have had. We had a 3D scan on my birthday and got to see her beautiful face. After months of pain it was the best pain relief or treatment I could have in my opinion! We spent time also working on her nursery. It’s now ready to go minus a few decorative pieces. Exciting!