I did my first 10km fun run last Saturday and I felt amazing. Except I was on my own, no Mike, so I had to resort to merely a selfie at the finish line!!! (you'll be getting so sick of me documenting my fun runs!!)

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The Mosaic to Mountain Fun Run at Dunkeld - my first 10km fun run. The morning was really warm, 80 runners in the 10km and straight out of Dunkeld we ran into a mean headwind. The view as we were running closer to Mt. Sturgeon was amazing so it was a case of buckle down and suck it up sweetheart! The Kinder Kids would clap as we ran past calling out “come on, you can do it” which was enough to produce a little spurt of energy. I had a fingers-crossed-hope-to-run-it-in time in my head of 1 hour 15. I crossed the finish line at 1:14:04. I was ecstatic. I came 74th out of 80 runners in the 10km and shockingly realised I had been classed in the Veteran’s Section. When did that happen??? I’m a (gulp) Veteran!!! No matter, it was all about competing, the fresh air, the camaraderie, plus I had done it all on my own as Mike couldn’t make it. I must admit the small sense of satisfaction as I walked around with my red number on my shirt, there were about 200 runners in all the sections, but yes people, I ran the big one!! Go me.