Excuse the '30' weeks picture. I was only 29 weeks on this particular week. Need to go back and fix that! HA! Baby brain - can't keep track of anything. Wink

Thanks for looking. Smile

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FONT: Splendid 66, Bebas, Architechts Daughter
JOURNALING: The week started off on a public holiday and as a hot one! We got 36.9c! Needless to say, I did not do much of anything! Dad spent a lot of the day outside working in the garden and Mum and Linc tried to keep cool in front of the air con. Lincoln also had a bad tantrum week. The terrible two’s are here with a vengeance! His biggest challenge seems to be nap time. He just does not want to nap during the day even though he can barely keep his eyes open. An over tired Lincoln = big, big trouble. I shopped a bit for Poppy’s room and got some cute pieces. Xxxxx and Xxxxxx also sold and bought a house! They will be living less than 4km away from us from December! We are so excited for them!