Still working on pages from Emily's high school Academic Super Bowl album - gotta get them done before I start this year's. Yikes!


The day of the State finals had finally arrived. We dropped Emily off with Mr. De Kever at 6:15 am and then headed straight down to Purdue while the team studied at school until 7 and then got on the bus and groundpounded during the entire drive down. When they arrived, they went to the third floor of of the Stewart Center into Room 322 which they thought was a great omen because 322 B.C.E. was the year that the Athenian empire ended and the year Demosthenes and Aristotle died - as the Essential Concept stated - “The end of an era.” Another goal they wanted to accomplish was to find the legendary women’s bathroom. Over the years, it has become a team legend and the boys and Mr. De Kever had always talked and wondered about a “fancy” restroom. So this year, the girls found it and took pictures of themselves in it and showed them to Mr. De Kever and the boys afterwards. A little bit of levity and fun for the morning before they headed into the auditorium. Back in Room 322, Mr De Kever wrote their motto on the board: “Catch. Drive. Finish.”

Catch = their studying until competition season. Drive = the 4 competitions leading up to State. And today was the ending. The Finish = winning State and coming in first. It wasn’t a celebratory mood - it was serious and they groundpounded a few specific areas, prayed, and then Mr De Kever announced that having Ajith, Chris M. & Chris Y. compete for the entire 25 questions would give them their best chance at victory. He apologized to Emily and Sarah for the decision and the girls were a bit upset as they realized they wouldn’t be competing as varsity on that very important day. But when Emily saw the the three boys walk on stage, it hit her that they really were their best chance at a victory and it was time.

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