In my heart of hearts I don't believe it's possible to have too much stuff on a page. As I've mentioned before, I think I must have been frightened by white space as a child, and now I avoid it whenever possible. Smile

The story is this...

My friend, for whom I've made this page, is my polar opposite when it comes to scrapbook pages and memory keeping. In fact, her photos, when she actually gets them off her hard drive, are mainly put into simple photo albums, so I was completely taken aback when she asked if I would scrap some photos for her, and she specifically asked me to "Release the Kraken!" as it were. (Um, that's a line from the cheesy movie "Clash of the Titans." Okay, you had to be there...)

The photos are of her son, the light of her life. She has yet to put together any kind of a baby album for him, even though he is well into grade school, and she wanted me to make one of my colorful, noisy, generally brain-freezing pages as the intro page for her album. I'm still not sure why she wanted this, but you don't have to ask me twice to add things to a page! Smile Since she had three photos she wanted on her page, I immediately pounced on this as my entry for the "3 or more photos" challenge for the Oct. 2013 Guest CT contest. The desktop of my computer is currently littered with the many, many iterations of this page, and although her page will have a bit more personal journaling on it, she is pleased with what I've done here so I am declaring it done...even though I am fairly certain I could squeeze one or ten more items on it...somewhere... Smile

Whew! This scrapping on demand is nerve-racking! Such drama! Smile

Ali Edwards
Hello World Brushes and Stamps

Lynn Grieveson
Artfully Autumn Paper Pack
Geometric Hints Brushes and Stamps No. 03

Cassie Jones
How’d They Do That? No. 13: Bending Shadows
How’d They Do That? No. 18: Weaving Words (used to wrap umbrella handle around page title)

Pattie Knox
Staple Its! (retired)

Maplebrook Studio
Jeni Paper Pack
Just Chevrons Paper Pack No. 04
Layered Memories No. 138 (altered: duplicated photo mats, moved brackets)

Katie Pertiet
Almost There Add-on Paper Pack
Botanical Stickers No. 02
Banner Labels No. 01
Collection Manuscrite Paper Pack
Letter Box Confetti No. 01
Like This Complete Scrapbooking Collection
Life Lines Scrapbooking Kit
Little Layette Kit
Tailed Journalers No. 02
Maybe Tomorrow Kit (paper blended into Collections Manuscrite paper)
Naturally Krafty No. 01 Paper Pack (slightly recolored)

Studio Double-D
Little Baby Clusters No. 01

Fonts: Rebekah's Birthday (for "I'm Here"), Rubber Stamp and 215000E (I used these last two fonts to add text to the journal spot on the Readymade Border)

Page design inspired by the many grid-type designs DD'ers are using for their Project Life/P365 pages.

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