For two different birthdays our grandson who lives with us has chosen to go to San Francisco in lieu of a party.

Journaling: For your 13th birthday we took you back to San Francisco. One of the activities high on your list was going back to the beach Papa had taken you, your Mom, and Ari to when
you were about nine months old. It was chilly, damp, and gray, but that didn’t deter you from getting in the water. You were pretty excited when a seal climbed on a rock where you were sitting. July 17, 2010

Kate Pertiet: Lightly Letterbox No 2; Stuffed Edge Photo Frames No 1; Letterbox Simplicity No 1-bottom paper; Catana-ribbon; Artistry de Blanco-stitching; Atlantic-dangling seashells, staple, compass, and alpha; Coastal-corner brush; font-Myriad Pro