This is a story I have been meaning to tell for a while. Thanks for the challenge Carol.

Some things are just unexplainable.... it's what we, ourselves, believe at the end of the day....
(...even if it's just to make ourselves feel better...)

Credits to come... all DD


Dad had terminal cancer.... he was at home, in the end, for his palliative care and we had a personal support worker and a nurse come on a regular basis to tend to his needs. When the nurse knew he was in the last stages, she told mom to call the family to say our goodbyes. I was already there, as I came every weekend and the girls got last minute flights out from B.C. and came home that night, Friday January 27th. The 5 of us gathered in dad’s room and although he didn’t seem to be awake, I know he knew we were all there. We laughed, we cried, we talked, we reminisced, we found comfort in our stories, our childhood memories and each other. Reluctantly we all went to bed about 4:30am, with dad sleeping peacefully, aided by his morphine patch and oxygen.

The following morning Kimberley went in to check on dad at 7:30am, and give him his medication, but he was still sleeping. When she went back in to check on him about 8:00am, he was gone....passing quietly and painlessly in his sleep. Later that morning, when Kristi called Wells, to tell him dad had passed away, he gave us goose bumps by telling her the story of what had happened at the house the night before.

Wells had lived in Victoria B.C. all his life and he said they had a windstorm on Friday night, the likes of which he had never seen before. Their son Donovan was very restless and wouldn’t settle down to go to sleep & was up and down out of bed all night. Finally, Wells said he got a book and was reading Donovan a story to try to settle him down, but he had to read by flashlight because the power had gone out. All of a sudden, Donovan looked up, staring down the hall into the darkness and said to Wells, “daddy ghost coming”, Wells not understanding Donovan, said “what, goat coming?”, and Donovan shaking his head and repeating himself said “no daddy, ghost coming”. Wells told Kristi it never occurred to him that he said ghost, as Donovan was only just over 2 years old, and wouldn’t have known what a ghost was, or probably even heard the word before. Wells told Kristi it was about 5:00am in B.C., which would have been 8:00am our time....

Dad, grew up in Chilliwack B.C., and always said he wanted to move back to the west coast, but with his work and mom’s family being in the area, Brooklin is where they stayed. I always knew part of his heart was out there though. Before dad passed, I had been meaning to tell
him to send me a sign, when he was gone, to let me know he was OK. I never did get the chance, but with that incident, I took that as a sign, that dad was alright and back out west.... where he wanted to be.... Love and miss you dad.... every single day!
Larrington Porter Blyth Aug. 27, 1930-Jan. 28, 2006