I'm really enjoying putting together my toppers for next year in PL style!

Ali Edwards
Father Word Art Brushes and Stamps
Holidays + Celebrations Hand Drawn Brushes
Cathy Zielske
Simple Patterns No. 01 Paper Pack
Katie Pertiet
Anchors Away Element Pack
Arctic Whites Paper Pack No. 02
Artsy Botanical: Cerrel Value Pack
Assorted Patterned Tapes: Christmas No. 01
Assorted Tapes No. 03
Cardstock Tabs No. 02
Chevron Mix: Rainbow Paper Pack No. 01
Classic Curled Photo Frames No. 01
Clean Stitched Hearts: White No. 01
Clean Stitched Squares: White No. 01
Clipped Stacks No. 06
Color My Love Complete Collection
Dragon Trainer Element Pack
Duncan Solids Paper Pack
Filed Layered Template No. 01
Flair Minis No. 01
Hey There Paper Pack
Little Plastic Flowers No. 01
Mixed Stacks Descriptors Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Pocket Pages Layered Templates No. 02
Red, Black and Creme Kit
Roughed Up Pocket Cards: Striped No. 04
Slide Frames No. 04
Slide Frames No. 04
Striped Mix: Magic Value Paper Pack
Striped Mix: Rainbow Paper Pack No. 01
Swimmies Scrapbooking Kit
Symbology Enamel Brads No. 01
Taped Word Strips No. 03
Transparency Photo Frames No. 07
Vintage Journal Spots No. 01
Vintage Photo Frames No. 28
Wooden Arrows No. 01
Maplebrook Studios
Elisha: Rainbow Paper Pack
Fiske Alphabet
Jelly Alphabet No. 11
Jelly Alphabet No. 15
Jelly Alphabet No. 31
Just Chevrons Paper Pack No. 02
Studio Double-D
Readymade Circles: Everyday No. 01
Readymade Journalers: Summer No. 01