My haunting story is a spider one... even the spider scrapbooking supplies makes my scalp tingly!

I pride myself in being fairly calm around all sorts of creepy crawlies. I can pick up snakes or grasshoppers to show the kids. I rescue frogs out of the pool and take care of the “presents” that Mr Kitty leaves at our doorstop. I let ants and lady bugs out of the house when I catch them inside. But spiders - spiders are killed. I prefer if Mike does the duty, just in case. But you need to keep your eyes on the creepy little buggers until they are captured, squished, wrapped up tight and then flushed away. I use a stick to clear away spider webs when walking through dense woods. And sometimes a hat, even in the summer. Why? Well, it all started....

One day when I was younger, we were watching the Batman movie with Jack Nicholson as the Joker. My Mom and Dad were outside working in the yard, and Mom came in for a water break.

.....That must have been how it got in....

After she headed back outside, I sat in her chair. I remember enjoying the movie, when all of a sudden I saw something move on my shoulder. I looked down, only to see a giant, fuzzy, black spider crawling up my hair. I jumped up screaming, trying to get the thing off of me, but that movement just spun my very long hair behind me taking my 8 legged stalker out of my reach. And so I was jumping up and down, screaming for help, while my siblings sat there and laughed at me!

....Unfortunately for me, the Joker was apparently making similar antics in the movie....

So, rather than understanding that I was actually terrified they were laughing. After what seemed an eternity, my oldest sister finally realized that I was not laughing but crying, saw the gigantic spider that I was trying to find, and smooshed it, dead, in my hair. And ever since then, if I see a spider, I get tense and feel the need to pat my hair.... just in case they think it looks like a good hiding place.

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