Amy's "Creepy" page prompted me to do a little scrap therapy, since just looking at her page made me all jumpy and paranoid. Needless to say the less time spent on this page the better! Title borrowed from a line in American Tale: Fievel Goes West.

:Designer Digitals:
~Katie Pertiet~
Textured Cardstock: Golden Rose Paper Pack(desaturated)
Photo from internet

We had a spider make a web in the outside corner of our garage door which we would almost walk through on a daily basis; finally after intentionally breaking the web several times the spider disappeared for a couple days only to reappear, this time stringing his web from the garage to the antenna of Mitch's truck. Over the weekend we decided to take a trip into town and as we were pulling away from the house the spiders web broke and the spider ended up clinging for dear life to the antenna. We thought for sure that he’d be blown off once we began moving but he wasn’t. Then we thought he’d disappear once we stopped at the Halloween store but he was still there when we came out of the store. Then we made another stop, this time at Lowes and again we figured that he’d flee and really believed he did until I saw him crawling back up the antenna which is where I thought he’d stay. This was unfortunately wishful thinking because right after that he must have decided he’d had enough because he began loosening his silk and repelling down the truck towards my window. Mitch thought it would be funny to slightly open that window and tease me...well the spider saw it as an opportunity for safety and somehow ended up in my hair right at eye level. Needless to say I freaked out and began yelling at Mitch to STOP THE CAR, ITS IN MY HAIR, THE SPIDER IS IN MY HAIR, STOP!!!! Thankfully Mitch brought the truck to an abrupt stop and came around the other side to let me out. While he checked my side of the truck I proceeded to do the freak-out dance. Unfortunately we didn’t find the of course Mitch thought I was imagining things. I spent the whole rest of the ride back to the house imagining things crawling on me while Mitch giggled and pretended his hand was a spider. He found the spider later that day, on the dashboard inside the truck. He thought he may have killed him trying to get him out, but we found him AGAIN the next day recreating his web, this time inside the garage. Although I would say that I don’t have arachnophobia, we'd both had enough of this particular spider, just seeing pictures of spiders now gives me the heebee jeebees, eeeeww.