For the Haunting Story Scrapbook Challenge. May I preface this page by saying that I am a very, very rational person. And also by saying that I do not have any kangaroos loose in the top paddock. LOL! Wink

This happened many, many years ago and we still occasionally talk about it, although I refuse to discuss it at night or before bed, big girl that I am! LOL! Wink

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Journaling: I have always been a logical type of person and I like to think I can come up with an explanation for most strange things. Well, most of the time. ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ was always my motto. That part of me was challenged though when we lived at XXXXXXXX street, XXXXXXXXXX. It was an old queenslander. The worst house on one of the best streets in an old and wealthy neighbourhood. One day it was obvious someone would give it the love and attention it deserved but for the time being it was a convenient rental for us all and near all of our workplaces. It worked well for us. XXXXX and XXXXXX had their part of the house and I had 3 rooms and a bathroom that I could close off by simply shutting my bedroom door. We shared the kitchen but apart from that were living separately. When the weird stuff started happening, I ignored it. I never, ever felt unsafe and would even joke that our friendly, resident ghost was at it again. I ignored the countless times I woke up in the middle of the night with the lights on in my 3 rooms and bathroom. Maybe I sleep walk? I ignored the time I got home from work before everyone else and my stereo was playing and the lights were on again in my part of the house. Power surge? I ignored the tap that would turn itself on, even after a plumber came and replaced it. There’s got to be an explanation, I thought. I ignored what sounded like footsteps in the middle of the night along my sunroom (which was once a verandah). Old house settling? I even ignored the day I got home from work (again, before everyone else) and found my shower head facing the ceiling. One of the boys playing a trick? I ignored it still when I mentioned it to XXXXX later and he looked at me shocked and said he had found the same thing in his bathroom. I continued to ignore it when he told me how uneasy he felt when he was home alone and that he quite often heard what sounded like footsteps and felt like someone was there with him. Instead, we joked again about our ghostly friend. I started to wonder though the weekend I was home alone and the boys had gone away. I was on the phone with a friend and pottering in the kitchen when I heard the two dogs bark like mad and footsteps running through the house. I quickly hung up thinking someone had broken in and went to investigate. I found nothing other than the dogs barking in the laundry which was all closed up. The doors and windows were still locked and no one had broken in. I put it down to dogs being dogs and sat down in the lounge room to read my book. Everything was still and quiet when suddenly I heard the footsteps running again. The footsteps ran into the kitchen behind me (of which no other rooms joined) so I took off after them. When I got into the kitchen I froze still on the spot. Every single cupboard door, the 2 fridge doors and the freezer door were all wide open. Obviously no one was there to run into the kitchen and to this day I still can’t explain it. I wondered briefly if someone was playing a joke on me but I knew the boys were out of town. I had not even had a big night the night before. I tried to ignore the spooky thoughts creeping into my mind. But I would be lying if I said I slept well that night. But I never, ever felt unsafe. At that point anyway. Nothing much happened for a while after that. Until I got my kitten, Ginger. Ginger would quite often stare off at one or two particular spots in my sunroom and bedroom. She was especially obsessed with the bathroom. Crazy cat, I decided. Soon the lights started turning themselves on again as did the tap in the bathroom. How do I know if I sleep walk, I wondered. And then I met Dylan and we started dating. I will never forget the first time he came to my place and he walked out of the bathroom and said to me, “I don’t mean to sound spooky, but I get a bad vibe in that bathroom .” And then he went on to tell me that he got the same bad vibe at a certain point in my sunroom. The same spot the cat was obsessed with. I had never told him about ‘Mr. Ghost’ or the cat’s obsession for fear he would think I was a loon! He listened to my stories and simply said “Maybe it’s a ghost?” That was that. Soon after we started dating the boys decided they wanted to move and so I found myself flat hunting. I had decided to rent a place on my own and found somewhere close by. Two nights before I was due to move out Dylan and I had been up very late doing last minute packing. I was so exhausted after a long day at work and Ginger was behaving like crazy! She was freaking out and making weird noises and wanting to go outside. She never went out at night but in the end I had to let her out as she was driving everyone mad. I put it down to her being out of sorts from the packing. After she went out, I decided to have a shower and Dylan continued packing. That’s when something happened that I could not really explain. Something I don’t like talking about now years later. Something that had someone else not seen it, I would have thought I imagined it. I never slept that night or the last night in that house. I moved out two days later and nothing like any of those little incidents happened ever again. That house has now been renovated beyond recognition. We occasionally drive by it and I often wonder if the residents ever have any strange little things happen that they can kind of explain but not really....