Well, I don't post in the gallery much these days, and this is a challenge I wouldn't normally participate in. But this photo immediately came to mind, and whether or not it really qualifies, it is something unusual my mom and I shared through her last months.


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My mom and I are not prone to believing ghost stories. I have never heard her speak of any experiences. I believe these unexplained phenomena are real, but they are not benevolent. They are not to be pursued, or to fascinate, but are to be guarded against.

When my mom told me last summer about the experience she had with this photo, I shrugged it off. I know what can be done with Photoshop, and I am very wary when it comes to finding mysteries in photos. I rarely believe what I see anymore.

One of my mom’s cousins was surveying some family land, abandoned for at least a generation. No one has lived on the land, nor have any squatters occupied the land or the buildings in as many years. When the photo was taken, no one else was there. It was a clear, sunny day; no weather, no cloud cover. No one but the cousins. Straight out of the camera, no editing at all. They are not technologically savvy enough to make changes to the photo.

My mom couldn’t explain exactly what she saw in the window on the bottom floor of the house. I am sure it’s lens flare . . . I think. All I know is, when I saw the picture, the hair on my arms stood on end. It still does, and I haven’t looked at the picture again until now. I choose not to dwell on it.