Carol's prompt for the story challenge immediately brought this story to mind. (thanks to my co-worker for posing for the picture ... and the wrapped up pink teddy bear too....)


it was five o’clock in the afternoon on a damp and dreary day. i was driving to the post office and was in the right hand lane waiting for the red light to change. there was one vehicle in front of me and in the left turning lane was a large service type truck. the light turned green, the car in front of me proceeded through the intersection and i began to follow him. the next thing i knew my car stopped and stepping out from in front of
service truck was a lady carrying a baby in her
arms, crossing against the red light, there was no way i could see her coming. i will never forget the look she gave me...totally devoid of emotion. it was about a half a block away that i realized that i hadn’t stopped my car. i was driving a five speed, didn’t engage the clutch but the engine didn’t die. there was no reason on earth that i didn’t just keep going and run right over that woman and her child....except one....i truly believe the child’s guardian angel stepped in and
saved its life. this “miracle” occurred over twenty years ago yet it feels like it happened yesterday...and the “what if” still haunts me today.

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